A human being who loves to spend his time doing analog photography, playing Tetris (on tetr.io), watching memes and posting programming and random stuff in Twitter.

Ear Candies

I listen to vary of music genre. Most notable artists that I like are Ichiko Aoba and Sia. Here are two songs from them:

I also love listening classical music and pop songs.

Programming Journey

UI stuff is neat, so I enjoy doing it.

I used to work as a Front-End developer in most of my career. Then, not too long ago, I switched career to Mobile Developer. While switching out my career, I did things like, creating/co-creating local programming community like AndroidDev Surabaya, SurabayaJS, Flutter Jakarta and also volunteered on Google Developer Group Surabaya. On the meantime, I taught some native Android (Java and Kotlin) in a collaboration with Kemkominfo (Ministry of Communications and Informatics) called SMKCoding. Then I completely snapped to mobile development since.

Flutter was the new addiction to me. I enjoy doing it.

I am, now, also exploring new Clojure → Dart things that I excited to, ClojureDart.

Made simple utility from it and for it to. Please check cljds out.

I also like to explore Playdate console for its game development simplicity using their SDK. See some articles → https://ampersanda.dev/tags/playdate/.

Worked on agency to start my Front-end journey while doing mentor to high-schoolers for mobile development and to communities.

Formerly at Aleph and Wahyoo as Web Developer and Mobile Developer.

Currently working at GoTu.

Selling stuff

I sell preloved stuff on Tokopedia


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